Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I feel somewhat scattered these days and I am finding inspirations for future works in a variety of places and things.

The flowers in my various gardens are starting to provide some wonderful displays and yes, inspirations! In my class with Lexi, she told me that I would start to see jewelry designs in almost everything I looked at. Well, my flowers are providing that for me, so I wanted to share a couple that have grabbed my attention. I see earring & pendant shapes in many of these. All keeping with how nature inspires my work.

And then, the flowers are lending themselves to designs for stained glass windows.

I have reached that point where I need to create another stained glass window....or two....or three.

I've had several requests to create some basset hound windows for some dog show art and Newton has provided plenty of inspiration for that so I need to include him in this post. He has a wonderfully expressive face and a great head. I know I'm partial, but I just find him absolutely handsome!

Over the weekend, we were finally able to mow and edge our back yard since the rains let up to the point where things were dry enough to do the necessary work. As luck or maybe misfortune would have it, we think a piece of pea gravel was thrown by the string trimmer or the mower and fractured the tempered glass in one of our living room windows. As a glass artist, I am truly fascinated by the splintering effect of tempered glass when something causes a break. I took a couple of pictures and thought this would be something cool for a design too....maybe stained glass...maybe jewelry...yet to be decided.

My journey with the combination of metal and glass has just begun. Lexi set up my torch today. I'm very close to starting work on more art jewelry. I need a few more pieces of equipment and Lexi's tutelage. The demands for her work and instruction are many; I know I am truly blessed as she has accepted me as her only student at this time. I will live up to her expectations.

Thanks to all of you too for your support and encouragement. It means more to me than words can express.

Happy Creativity All! :D


-Don said...

Hi Kathleen, I cannot wait to see the stained glass work that's on its way. Keep letting the inspiration and desire to create build within you and you will soon explode with lots of new and exciting work. Happy Creating! -Don

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Thanks Don, I will keep focusing on the inspiration. I feel like I've been in a real preparatory stage and it's time for action.... This weekend will be prime for that to happen.

Sharmon Davidson said...

hi Kathleen,
Congratulations on being accepted as Lexi's student. this just confirms how talented you are.
I find that flowers are always an inspiration; you just can't do better than that for forms and colors, can you? I would love to see some stained glass windows based on the ones you photographed. I'm also intrigued by the shattered glass- what a cool design! Can't wait to see what you do with it.
p.s. I do think Newton is awfully cute, too!

SCJ Jewelry Design said...

Hi Kathleen,
What a blessing it will be to have Lexi's teaching all to yourself.
Lately, I too find I have all these ideas and inspirations all around me just percolating but not yet a whole, workable idea. I need additional tools and equipment to move forward but frankly feel a little paralyzed, too. I hope action mode kicks in soon for me, as it has for you. I can't wait to see what you create next!

Karen said...

That's kind of a nice place to be, that stage where you're taking it all in, contemplating it all, there's that sense of anticipation. That's a good place, and I can't wait to see where it leads you. Bummer about the window, love that it's an inspiration for work!
Newton is WAY too cute.

Tracey Clarke said...

Wow, the road is wide open for you, K..I am thrilled to see what comes next.
I say go for that stained glass piece to replace your window!

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Thanks Sharmon. I truly am humbled and honored that Lexi sees something in me and my work to want to teach me individually. And yes, what is better for form, colors, style than flowers! Stained glass is on the horizon.

Hi Sandy. I do feel blessed. And yes it does seem like there is a lot of prep work leading up to really getting started on the metal work. I know it will be worth it as I have images of many things I want to create. Pictures coming soon.

Hi Karen. I love the way you sum things up! Yes, Newton boy is so cute...he's a heart breaker in many ways. I love him way more than I should. :)

Hi Tracey! It would be great to replace that window with stained glass and probably less expensive than the actual repairs...well, maybe not. Since it's an exterior window, I won't use a stained glass piece. Generally I have one of my windows hanging in that location inside, but it's at one of the galleries now...so I do need a window for that spot. So many projects to work on. It will start this weekend!