Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Discoveries in 2009

During this year, I have discovered many things that have truly changed my life forever. Those of you who follow my blog know what an impact Lexi Erickson has had on my life both personally and artistically.

I follow a lot of blogs and have had an opportunity to get to know some of my fellow artists and bloggers through their works, their words, and even their Facebook pages. I want you to know that I value the friendships that we have established. I have learned so much from your generosity; sharing your artistic journeys, your growth, your trials and tribulations. I thank all of you for helping me to grow as a person and an artist. Those of you, who have left comments about my work and my artistic journey, I want you to know that you have helped me more than you may realize. Thank you.

As 2009 comes to a close, I thought I would share one of my discoveries. Another blogger, Christine Kane, has what I feel are tremendous insights. Her writing speaks to me and I hope it will speak to you too. She has such a positive way at looking at life's challenges. In 2007, she wrote about the Resolutions Revolution. She described a different approach to making positive changes in your life in the coming year. I would encourage you to visit her post on Resolutions Revolution and I hope that you will find her take on the subject of New Year's Resolutions beneficial. I have.

After you read Christine's post on New Year's Resolutions, this will make more sense, however I want to share that my touchstone word for 2010 is Aspire. I've already started to use it and I can tell you it works!

May 2010 hold wonderful opportunities and successes for all of you.

Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person. I am.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Six Things

A fellow blogger and friend, Shay Stone, posted this on her blog and I thought I would share here.

How it works: I will answer the below very random questions - then you can answer the questions as a comment. Feel free to post to your blog and carry it on.

1. Today I feel... Happy. It's Friday & I'm looking forward to the weekend. Dan & I will be heading to Coyote Creek in Fairplay for a fun Holiday Event tomorrow!

This week... I had a lesson with Lexi and learned the "marriage of metals" technique. The project isn't finished; I'm hoping it will turn out as the idea is really cool.

Last night...I worked on earrings and web design revisions for a client.

Lately the song stuck in my head is... one of Paul Taylor's from his current CD; it's jazz so it's all good.

My favorite pet memory is ...my German Shorthair, Taylor, looking out the window, waiting for me to come home from work and recognizing the car as I drove past...he knew it was me & I was home. One smart boy.

What is currently at the top of your Christmas wish list?...Fretz mini forming stakes.