Friday, December 4, 2009

Six Things

A fellow blogger and friend, Shay Stone, posted this on her blog and I thought I would share here.

How it works: I will answer the below very random questions - then you can answer the questions as a comment. Feel free to post to your blog and carry it on.

1. Today I feel... Happy. It's Friday & I'm looking forward to the weekend. Dan & I will be heading to Coyote Creek in Fairplay for a fun Holiday Event tomorrow!

This week... I had a lesson with Lexi and learned the "marriage of metals" technique. The project isn't finished; I'm hoping it will turn out as the idea is really cool.

Last night...I worked on earrings and web design revisions for a client.

Lately the song stuck in my head is... one of Paul Taylor's from his current CD; it's jazz so it's all good.

My favorite pet memory is German Shorthair, Taylor, looking out the window, waiting for me to come home from work and recognizing the car as I drove past...he knew it was me & I was home. One smart boy.

What is currently at the top of your Christmas wish list?...Fretz mini forming stakes.

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-Don said...

1. Today I feel excited. I'll be showing my work tonight at our monthly First Friday event. A friend has promised to stop by with a mask she picked up for we in Oahu!
2. This week has been filled with preparations for tonight.
3. Last night I went to art exhibits in 5 different galleries. Loved it!
4. Lately the song stuck in my head is "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas". (I told you I'm a Christmas-aholic!)
5. My favorite pet memory is my cat Hooter teaching my wife and I how to mellow our oldest son when he was little. Hooter used to lay on Laura's belly when she was pregnant with Donald and purr. After he was born, we noticed that Donald would lay in his crib and make a sound like, "mmm-hmmm" when he was settling in to sleep. One night when he was just a couple weeks old he was being restless and couldn't seem to settle down. While he was laying on my chest I started quietly humming that sound, "mmm-hmmm", and he suddenly relaxed - he literally just went totally limp and settled down. I was telling Laura about it later and we both tried it and found it to work. After talking about it we realized it sounded just like Hooter's purring.
6. What is currently at the top of your Christmas wish list?... a way to make this painting thing I do lucrative enough to provide for my family... or a job - preferably dealing with art in some capacity - graphic or fine...