Friday, May 28, 2010

Frank Lloyd Wright ~Tributes

Photo credit ~ Daniel Krucoff

I've been experimenting a bit. I am a huge fan of Frank Lloyd Wright and while these didn't exactly turn out as I had hoped, they are a start. I have several books on his works and thought it would be fun to take a mini view of one of his designs. I'll keep working on this concept and maybe I'll hit on something that is a better representation of what I had planned to do.

The white background was fully fused to a clear blank. Then I added the color elements and just tack fused them so they would remain raised rather than sink into the white glass as they would have with a full fuse. I find it intriguing that the tack fuse takes the glass up to a temperature sufficiently high to bond with the surface of the base piece, but not 'melt' completely into it. Another benefit with tack fusing is it just starts to round out the edges of the pieces ever so lightly and gives them a bit of a watery appearance.

My original intent was to have rusts and greens, but the striker glass I used in this one turned more red and rust. Used my favorite Bullseye glasses again. I really like strikers because they change colors in the fusing process and don't always look like the colors they are prior to fusing. Since it was an experiment I wasn't worried about the color shift and in this case they turned out a bit more Christmasy than a Frank Lloyd Wright-ish color scheme.

I haven't given up on this concept. Currently I'm working on projects for an exhibit in August, so I have to set experiments aside and focus. I'll pick up on this again once I have my work done for the exhibit.

Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and person.


-Don said...

I really like these. It's fun to see you experimenting and coming up with new ideas. Thanks for explaining the process, but please don't test me on it later...

I, too, like the way the edges of the glass have softened up. It makes the pieces feel like they belong together instead of just residing atop each other.

The design is really cool. And you matched it fairly closely in both pieces. Will they be considered a set?


Kathleen Krucoff said...

Hey Don!

Glad you enjoy my experiments...helps with growth as I see you do that in your work too. No I won't test you on the process later! LOL

I did plan on these being a set. I do think they would make nice decorative pieces, rather than functional.

As always, thanks for your kind words and sharing your thoughts.

Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

A very unique design, Kathleen! If this was just your experiment, I can't wait to see what you REALLY had in mind. It's hard to tear oneself away from experimenting when there's 'real work' to be done, isn't it?

Sharmon Davidson said...

These would make a great Christmas gift as a set. Experimentation is good- keep going! Even if they don't turn out as we thought, something is always learned that can be used later!