Monday, December 22, 2008

Good News

Isn't amazing how these things happen?

Tonight I got a phone call from the reporter, David Lowe, who interviewed me this year for a local paper, The Tri-Lakes Tribune. He's doing a follow up article on all those folks he interviewed to see how their businesses are doing. Cool.

We talked about my recent sales and commissions, the impact the economy has had on sales (some speculation there), along with shows I plan on doing next year. The article will be out in next week's edition. How neat to be part of a follow up story. Nice to have the publicity too.

Thanks too for all of the words of encouragement and support on my last post, along with the compliments on my work. I am humbled and flattered by your words. All of you are wonderful friends.


Deborah Younglao said...

That's great Kathleen! I hope the article will bring you some extra business....maybe enough to buy that kiln you're wanting?

Glad to hear that neither you nor your husband were laid off - I wish more companies would do what yours did and at least let people keep their jobs.

Wishing you both a wonderful Christmas!

Karen said...

Post is for us if you can! I'd love to read the follow-up.
Merry Christmas Kathleen!