Thursday, December 4, 2008

If at first you don't succeed...........

I'm posting two photos of the results from the Texas Star Christmas ornaments, and the little Christmas Tree ornament. The stars didn't turn out. They didn't fuse as I had hoped. I tried a new approach to cutting out the shapes and it just didn't work.

This is my new batch of stars that I'm firing today. I think they should turn out MUCH better and I only have 4 more stars to do if this batch of 8 works as I expect/hope.

The person who requested the Christmas Tree ornament liked it so well that he ordered 4 more. I'll take some additional photos of the next batch as they are pretty cute.

Right now the moral to this story is, if at first you don't succeed (the bad result from the Texas Stars), then try .... try again.

As I was working on these it did seem like I was making glass Christmas cookies. At least these don't have any calories!!!! :)

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