Monday, December 15, 2008

Studio reorganization

Yesterday I had one of those 'ah ha' moments in the morning as I was relaxing with one of the bassets on my lap, enjoying my morning coffee. My mind works this way, an idea will pop into my head and it can be the simplest of revelations, but the value of it is just great.

When we built our house almost 4 years ago, I designed my studio area with stained glass work in mind. At that time I had not entered the world of warm glass, wire wrapping, etc. I felt I had more than enough space for surface areas and storage. Moving forward to the present, I've been having some struggles with keeping things separate (fusible glass from stained glass, wire, tools, pretty much you name it) and having enough work surfaces so I can multi-task. Most of the time I'm working on a stained glass piece in one area, fused stuff and or wire wrapping.

Now to my idea. I purchased a great work table manufactured by Koala as a cutting table over 3 years ago (here's a picture of it). I liked the options for expanding or shrinking the work surface of this table, plus it is on casters which makes moving it a breeze.

Until yesterday I was only using 3/4 of the work surface because of how I had positioned it in the studio. When the light dawned for me yesterday, I realized that I could use the full work surface by changing the position in the room and it would actually give me more room (floor space) in the studio too! Wow. It always scares me when it takes a while to see a better approach. I guess the good news is I figured out a better approach.

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Karen said...

Isn't it funny how re-organizing our space once in a while can re-energize the work, too? It's like a clearing out of debris, both physical and emotional.