Monday, December 29, 2008

My Goals for 2009

Here are my goals for the upcoming new year. I have my top three goals in my iGoogle page under a Google gadget from pictured here. This lets me see them every day, one of the important aspects of goal setting. The added benefit for me in using this gadget is that I respect and admire Lance Armstrong for what he achieved in overcoming cancer and winning 7 Tour de France. His accomplishments inspire me to work hard to achieve my goals. It makes me very determined and focused.

Right now I have two other goals, in order of priority:

  • #4 Build a body of work to update my current portfolio by 3/31/09
  • #5 Build my Etsy store presence by adding at least one new item to my store front every day or two. This is an ongoing goal.
The Google gadget doesn't allow for a specific time frame within which you want to achieve your goal, but I know my top three are more of ongoing goals that I will focus on for 2009.

Another thing that I do when I set my goals is to keep a close eye on my approach for achieving the goals and recognize that it's ok to revise them if I miss a deadline or find another approach to achieve them.

One other thing I would like to add is that I developed the life habit of setting goals thanks to one of my early mentors in my insurance days. This mentor was my boss, Fred Wanner, and I'm happy to say he is my friend and we continue to stay in touch today.

Here's wishing all of you achieve success through the goals that you have set for yourselves! Let's all go for it in 2009!!! And yes, Live Strong too!

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Karen said...

Okay, I was just now thinking of how I was too chicken to put them out there...then I see this post. Your courage inspires me. I like that widget thing too...going to check that out.