Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pre-Firing Picture

I generally take photos of my glass before I fire it in the kiln. This is a picture of my latest batch before it was fired. The stars are prototypes for a commission....possible Christmas ornaments in varying sizes. Unfortunately, as things go with prototypes, the fired results didn't turn out as I would have hoped. The smaller stars to denote the Texas flag, fused too far (my fault), so they looked like blobs. The main stars turned out well, and gave me more information about what to try next.

It's ALWAYS fun to open the kiln and see what surprises, good and bad, await. I had some jewelry pendants and earrings in this batch that turned out well.

The star in the center is the right overall size (approximately 4"). I'm feeling pretty confident that my next group of stars will turn out great because of what I learned from the results of this firing.

And I'm continuing to work on the copper foil for the pieces of my Peace Angel. I'm multi-tasking (just hope I don't experience the blue screen of death...a little geek humor) and need to continue to get better at juggling tasks. I expect the angel will be ready for soldering this weekend and I'll post a picture of her once all the copper foil is complete.

I love keeping busy.

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