Thursday, October 30, 2008

Reaching for my inner painting 'abilities'

Last night, after I finished working on more of the copper foiling for my Peace Angel, I thought it would be good to relax and watch one of my new DVDs. I ordered several of Peter McGrain's DVDs, and the first to arrive was his Vitri-Fusaille Technique. What I have viewed so far, I've really enjoyed and this got me thinking that I'm going to have to reach deep inside my creative self and try to resurrect my inner painting 'abilities'.

Yes I have dabbled in the world of painting some. A few weeks ago, I found an ink and watercolor piece that I think I did as far back as grade school. Sometimes I'm a bit of a pack rat. I showed it to Dan and, while he may be biased, he felt it showed my artistic abilities even back then. I'll have to post a picture of that old drawing/painting here so all of you can smile at my early artistic attempts. :)

I am looking forward to exploring this new VitriFusaille technique as I can adapt it to my style. And yes, I do have some ideas about what I would like to try first....course my leaning is towards nature and Aspen leaves, so we'll see what my first efforts at painting on glass will be after a fairly long absence from trying any painting at all. That's why I admire the skills of all you painters out there...I think it takes great talent to paint.

My thanks to a fellow ArtScuttlebutt member, Arlene Wright-Correll, for sharing that McGrain has published this series of DVDs on his techniques. I love learning new things.

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Karen said...

Post the painting!
The painting on glass technique sounds so cool. I'd be interested to see any of your experiments with this. I love the idea of extending to paint on different surfaces (like your link to Deborah who paints on silk...wonderful!!)