Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas Items

A friend at my day job asked me to make some Texas Stars as Christmas ornaments. He and his wife would like to have them as Christmas gifts for their friends/relatives living in Texas.

This is my second prototype with the stars. I think I'm getting closer, but they still are not as I envision them. I was hopeful that the silver mica would appear better after firing, but it didn't. Thankfully I used some dichro to enhance them.

Tonight I'm working on the final component and that is the addition of the little start on top of the blue side. The intent is for them to represent the Texas state flag.

While I was at it, I also incorporated some fun jewelry pieces and other Christmas things, which I hope will turn out as I envision.


Deborah Younglao said...

I love the large square 'Christmas items'. I must confess I'm not sure what they're supposed to be, but they're really fun! :-) Your Aspen plate is beautiful in its simplicity.

Kathleen, a Glass Artist said...

Thanks Deborah!

The squares are the start of little plates, about 4" square. I attempted to put abstract flowers in them. I'm not sure I'm very happy with the outcome and I haven't posted pictures of the end results on the plates. They may end up in the recycle bin.