Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Continuing Kiln Saga

My parts haven't arrived yet. I'm trying to find the bright spot in all of this. At the suggestion of a friend, I randomly opened "The Artist's Way" she had given me to this passage:

Recovering creatives commonly undergo bouts of fierce rage and grief over their lost years. When these creative kriyas occur, we desperately want to kick over the traces and get the hell out of life as it is currently constituted. Instead, make changes, small changes, right where you are.

That does sort of fit with my credo for now. The best thing I can do is work on those things I have available...my stained glass...my wire wrapping. And I told myself last night that it's just going to take as long as it takes to get my kiln operational again...it could be a week...a month....hopefully not longer than a month, but I don't have any real control over the time frame and setting deadlines is pointless given the circumstances.

I spoke with my Paragon representative this morning. Apparently UPS has no record of the previous shipment and he will personally re-ship everything to me today, UPS red, so that I have it tomorrow. He's upset with UPS, which I understand. I'm frustrated with wanting to work on all the new techniques I learned last week in Patty's class. Looking for the balance in all of this.

Tonight I'm attending a meeting of my local glass artist group, Glass Artists of the Pikes Peak Region. We are going to share examples of our work so the group will have some ideas of what to expect for the March 2009 show at Commonwheel Artists Coop in Manitou Springs. That should be a good distraction for me.


Karen said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the ongoing kiln saga!
But I have to thank you for putting up that quote...it helped you, and you couldn't have know how much reading it would help me, too. So there's one bright spot at least...your help to others through your sharing.
That, and you'll get a lot of wire wrapping done!

Kathleen, a Glass Artist said...

Thanks Karen. I'm glad the quote helped you too, and that made me happy. A definite bright spot! :)

Deborah Younglao said...

Kathleen, I'm a firm believer in 'everything happens for a reason' even though we can't fathom it at the time - if I didn't believe that, I'd drive myself crazy! As you point out there's no sense worrying over things you have no control of. The bright spot is always there even though sometimes we have to dig really deep to find it!