Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Good News....The Bad News

The Good News is my Aspen Branch plate turned out so well. The definition I was able to create with outlines is exactly what I've wanted in my fused pieces. Peter McGrain's techniques are fun and I think have brought my work up a notch or two.

The bad news is the fuego bowl turned out 'ok', but somehow, I mistook some of the main glass as fusible and it was not. I'm just thankful that nothing happened to cause more kiln problems. I discovered that some of the glass wasn't fusible as I was looking at the tag to re-order some. Much to my dismay, it was normal stained glass...not fusible.

At least I can incorporate the non-fusible glass into a stained glass piece in the future.

For now, I'm glad I can pursue the Aspen Branch series and do more glass painting!


MarilynM said...

I must say I love both pieces. For an untrained eye, like mine, the glass from the second one looks beautiful (although it is not what you had in mind it's still pretty cool). And the first one is gorgeous!, its so fluid and organic... wonderful.

Crochet Fun Hub said...