Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kiln Status

We're gettin' there.... The manufacturer of my kiln is Paragon. I bought this brand because of their reputation for known quality, durability, and customer service. I also felt it was the right size kiln for me at the time of purchase, which was in March of 2007. I'm happy to report I was right on all counts. Although I must admit I've been checking out larger kilns for the day when I need a second kiln!

The technician walked me through some additional troubleshooting this afternoon. It looks like the main power cable to the board may have had a problem that started this malfunction for me. They will ship out a new circuit board, cable harness, and two relays so I will have a spare. Once I get them, I need to call them back so they can walk me through the process and make sure we've found and fixed the problem.

I'm thankful and hopeful that my kiln will be operational next week. Paragon's staff is the best...helpful, courteous, and they definitely want the customer to be happy. Now I only wish they would have given me a little better price break on the replacement items, but ya can't have everything, right?

Happy creating. Tomorrow I head to Denver for a three day class with Patty Gray. Can't wait.


Karen said... least it's on the path to resolution...sorry to hear about your troubles with the kiln!

Have a wonderful class, and of course, show us what you work on! Patty's work is wonderful.

Kathleen, a Glass Artist said...

Thanks again Karen.

I appreciate your feedback and your support. It helps!

I'll report back on class and can't wait to see what we learn. I'll definitely post pictures of all that I do in class.