Thursday, January 22, 2009

Featured on Paragon's Fusion 8 Page

The folks at Paragon have been wonderful to work with. Arnold Howard, with Paragon, asked if I would like one of my pieces featured on the page with the kiln model I use, the Fusion 8. I said "Yes" and he updated the page today! I'm just thrilled to have one of my pieces on their website. Click here to go to the page, scroll down to the bottom, and one of my plates, with description is there.

Thank you Arnold for this opportunity!

And I LOVE my Fusion 8 too.


Sharmon Davidson said...

Congratulations! This is a truly beautiful piece- no wonder they wanted to use it!

Kathleen, a Glass Artist said...

Thanks Sharmon. You are too kind.

Tracey Clarke said...

This is great! What a cool kiln. H
You piece looks great on the Paragon site. Congrats!

Karen said...

That is just so cool! I'm proud for you!