Sunday, January 4, 2009

Peace Offering - Soldered

I just finished soldering "Peace Offering". Sadly, there was no sunlight today, so the picture was taken with artificial light and really doesn't do her justice. This was taken right before I applied some pewter patina, which creates a really nice aged affect to the solder lines. The patina needs to set for 24 hours. Then I will begin the final cleaning, which involves waxing the glass and the solder lines. This not only protects the surface, but adds a lovely sheen. The next picture I will post of her will be when she is framed in the oak frame I have AND there is actual sunlight to show her true beauty.

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smellyrhinostudio said...

nice Kathleen!! Thanks for the comment. Yea, if taking care of oneself were easy, we would all do it, right??? I would choose the hardest thing!! LOL I'm looking at my dreamboard from last year, havent updated it says, in completely scattered order:
write a book
be at my ideal weight
be debt free
celebrate every success, big and small
self-employed working as an artist
Be thankful everyday
Find a way to give to others and make it contagious
start a charity
Sing and play with eric..record something
Be fearless
Follow my heart
free to play on weekends
Share every idea with eric
journal everyday
Imagine the $million dollar idea with eric and make it happen
Get the house ready to sell and sell at a profit
new IMAC
A Seattle home to live in get the way you can do resolutions with lifetime goals, eh?
Happy New Year!