Saturday, January 24, 2009

One of Today's Projects

Sometimes I think I have too many irons in the fire. It was a busy day of creativity and I felt totally immersed at times. LOVE IT!

One of today's projects was the painting of the branches and the leaf outlines for the big bowl in my Aspen Branch Series. I took a picture of it after the painting was complete and I was getting ready to fire the kiln so the paint would fuse to the glass. I found myself being less timid with the painting process and the effects that I added to the leaves. I'm happy with the results and hope they look good when the firing is complete. If I like the results, then tomorrow I will do the slump of this into the mold and it will become part of my update portfolio. I've considered that I may need to tweak the lines some if I'm not satisfied with how they look, and that would mean another firing...delaying the slumping part for a day.

I'm continuing to work on hearts. I'm focusing on wire wrapping them at this time and they will go out to my Esty store. Next weekend, I purchased a spot for their Valentine's showcase. This is the first time I've tried this avenue to get noticed on Etsy and I've read mixed results from people who have done that. So, I will see how it works and do my best to have plenty of hearts if there is a big demand for them.

And I even managed to do some house work today; not one of my favorite activities, but I love the results.

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Karen said...

How cool to hear of YOUR painting process! I love the thought of us being any less timid in our work.

Let us know how the Etsy Valentine's spot works out.