Saturday, January 3, 2009

Symbols of Love ~~ A New Series

I had the concept the other day for a new series of pendants. Here is one of the results. This is from my Symbols of Love series. Glass hearts, which I drew free hand on the glass itself. I tend to see shapes in glass and this piece of Bullseye glass was no different. So as I cut one heart, another 'appeared'. I have about 12 of them now....some are still waiting to be fused. Once again, it's so cold out in the garage, that my attempts with the space heater to warm things to a point where I can fire my big kiln, have not worked.

So here's the first in the series, I called this one Heart's Embrace. I'm normally not a heart pendant person, but for some reason I find these very interesting. Probably has something to do with my glass addiction!


Karen said...

I can't wait to see more in this series. This is so lovely...there is something about the organic, flowing shape, and the way you have it attached to that particular chain, that for me it reaches "outside" of being only a heart. It references so many natural, organic things.
Love it.

Kathleen, a Glass Artist said...

Wow, Thanks Karen. I really appreciate your feedback on this.

I can't explain why I like these so much myself, but I think you've touched on it with your observations.

Thank you again!

Laura said...

I love this! I will look forward to seeing the design develop even further - it's really beautiful!