Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Grove of Trees ~ In Progress

I'm calling this one, A Grove of Trees. I never really thought of myself as an abstract artist, but I find that more of my fused glass pieces are turning out to be abstract and I like it.

I really enjoy working with shades that compliment each other, along with adding a splash of color throughout a piece. This piece just came out of the kiln yesterday. More greens, but this time I added some amber and marzipan along with a pop of yellow here and there. Bullseye glass of course! Now I have coldwork to do on this piece too; it's in the queue behind Arrow in the Forest. I couldn't resist showing this morning's light coming through the fused piece. I like having transparent pieces mixed with opals so the light 'jumps' around a bit.

I had random lengths cut and started to combine them. During the process of building this piece, I had to cut finish pieces to fit in the steel circle. The fiber dam will prevent the glass from adhering to the stainless steel ring.

Here the work on putting all the pieces together to make up the Grove design is done and it is ready for firing in the kiln.

This last shot is of one of my views from my studio window. Now that some of my flowers are blooming and the aspens have started to leaf out, I can look out and get a great view of nature! I took this yesterday afternoon and it is the view through the screen, but this is what I can see when I take a break.

Hope all of you are having a terrific weekend! I am. :)


K S Jewellery Designs said...

Wow, Kathleen, you are really busy at the moment - you must be 'in the zone' as far as creation is concerned. You deserve to make lots of sales of your work and I hope you do. I love following your blog and seeing your works in progress.
Kristin :)

Janelle Goodwin said...

This piece does look like a grove of trees! What a great title. Beautiful work as always, Kathleen. I like the shot of your garden area. I've been thinking of planing alliums (sp?) too!

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Awe, thank you Kristin...I appreciate your kind comments about my work. I'm glad you enjoy the work in progress and my's fun to document the steps.

Hi Janelle. Thank you so much. Yes, these alliums have been in my garden scheme for 4 years now and are just starting to come into full glory. You will enjoy their rich colors when you plant some. :)

SCJ Jewelry Design said...

Another beautiful work - can't wait to see it progress. I think your abstract work and vision is wonderful and you should continue in that direction!

Lovely garden! Mine is too weedy already to withstand a photo. That's my weekend chore.

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Thanks Sandy.

I worked in the garden some this weekend too...seems like grass will grow anywhere I put mulch!

curious girl (lisa) said...

oh my! how I love this!

merci33 said...

I find this piece TREE-mendous!!
Look forward to seeing the completed 'grove'.
You create such beautiful and richly colorful work my artist's eye is so happy to visit!!

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Thanks Lisa...appreciate you comment. :)

Hi Iona! Thank you so much, you have me grinning from ear to ear with your positive feedback about my work.

-Don said...

This is gorgeous, Kathleen. Thanks for sharing your inspiration and the process. -Don

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Thanks Don! I really appreciate your thoughts and comments on my work.