Friday, August 15, 2008

Dreams do come true

Last night, when I got home from my corporate day job, there was a message from the gallery stating they wanted me to bring in some more of my pendants. Great news. I wrap my fused glass pendants on a fairly regular basis so I have inventory on hand for situations like this. I had to do a little scrambling to get my inventory list prepared for this delivery, but I have a template in place and it will continue to get easier as I simplify this process. Course I just couldn't resist wrapping a few extra pieces last night to take in with my delivery today.

During lunch, I delivered the pendants. It's such fun as Jessica checks them in and Heather, the gallery owner, talks about the latest events at the gallery. As we are talking, Heather asks if I have other work ready to bring in, which I do! Had a chance to tell her about my new collections and she will look at what I have and see what she would like. This is so exciting for me.

I feel like my dreams are being realized and my artistic future looks bright. Thank you Heather, Second Street Art Market , for giving me this wonderful opportunity! Never doubt, dreams do come true....................

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Karen said...

This post is inspiring...isn't it sometimes difficult to keep one's chin up during the slow periods, and then you get results like these!

I needed to read something like this today!