Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Piece - Guardians, Part of The Ancients

In my last post, I discussed how I was in a quandary about what to work on next. When my mind gets in this jumbled state, it's best for me to walk out of the studio, close the door, and just take a break. And that's exactly what I did. True to form, that allowed my thoughts to settle and I realized that I just needed to get everything ready for the upcoming shows I have.

One of the first things I did last night was to complete a small pendant that I can include with my accepted entry for the Lines into Shapes show in Estes Park. I have a heart shaped aspen leaf from my initial firing of a variety of cabochons I wanted to choose from for that show. This little pendant turned out nice, so I'm ready to ship my work off to Estes Park and I'm ready for that show now. I'll post a picture of this, Asp-Zen Heart necklace in a few days.

After supper, I started on a design for one of my entries in the Glass at the Gardens show. I had an inspiration from a photograph of some Sequoias; they looked like Ancient Guardians in this forest setting. I'm not sure the design is complete and ready for the initial fusing of the blank, but I think it is close. I'll post a picture of this too.

Tonight is Art Hop. Heather chose 8 items from the delivery I made a few days ago. I'm anxious to see how she's incorporated them in the gallery setting.

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