Sunday, August 31, 2008

Surprise Celebration

I was working on another entry for the Glass at the Gardens show last night when the phone rang. It was Jessica from Second Street Art Market. They were having a celebration and wondered if I could come by. Dan & I were just about ready to eat supper and we decided it would be a fun, spur of the moment thing to do.

When we arrived, it was wonderful to see that guitarist, Clay Canfield, was performing again. The celebration was for the gallery's second highest month in sales to date. How wonderful.

An added bonus for me was being introduced to some delightful ladies from Wyoming who had purchased my pendants. One of them phoned a friend and sent her a photo on another one. The friend loved it, and she purchased that one for her while I was there. The pendant she purchased was titled "Heavenly"; here's a picture of it.

Heather, the gallery owner, opened one of her favorite bottles of wine and shared with all of us. What a fun evening.

So, remember, if you ever receive an invite on the spur of the moment for a celebration, by all means, accept it!

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MarilynM said...

Its absolutely sublime!, i love the colors and the silver. Truly inspiring!