Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Guardians, a work in progress

This first picture is the  pre-fuse of the blank, right after I placed it in the kiln.  The three Guardians are representations of Sequoias I saw in a photograph.  I elected to add some fall colors to their leaves.

The next picture is after the initial fuse.  There were some things I wasn't happy with, so I added more detail and fired up the kiln again.  I'm waiting to see how this second fuse turned out and then I can proceed to the slumping process.

It is a beautiful day here in Colorado.  There definitely is that hint of coolness in the air that signals fall's arrival.  My morning started with a long bike ride with my husband and I have a good sense of tired right now.  More work to be done, but that's always the case.

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