Thursday, April 16, 2009

In the kiln......

This is my batch of crinklized pendants and earrings that I just put in the kiln, which is firing up to temperature as I write this. I'm very anxious to see how the patterns turn out. I kept things pretty simple so the shape of the pendants and earrings wouldn't detract from the look of the glass post firing. I'll post a picture of the firing results tomorrow, once everything has cooled. And I will try to show some of the pattern details too. These should be really unique.

We are under another winter storm warning, which will be in effect until noon on Saturday. I figure we are house bound until Saturday. We had thunder-snow earlier, sleek, rain, snow, hail. It's been an interesting weather day.


Elizabeth Seaver said...

The glass is lovely and dramati,c and I'm sure the pendants will be, too.

Snuggle up and stay warm!

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Thanks Elizabeth! Checked the kiln this morning, firing is I have to wait for things to cool to the right temp before I can see how they turned out.

We are keeping warm and watching the snow come down. The dogs just don't understand why we are home. :)