Tuesday, September 23, 2008

All Nine Entries Accepted for Glass at the Gardens

I have some mixed emotions this morning. I am happy to report that all nine of my entries for The Glass at the Gardens Show have been accepted! It's great to know they all made the cut! I posted a few of them in my gallery at Art Scuttlebutt, so you can see them by clicking here and then go to view more pics under my picture on that page.

While I'm very happy and humbled by being accepted, I'm also more than a little awe struck by the beauty of some of the other pieces in the show. The talent in the Glass Artist Fellowship is phenomenal and I know I must continue to work hard so my work becomes even better. It's good to see what others do; that's a motivator. I always strive to set the bar even higher for what I plan to create on my next piece. Stretch, grow! I KNOW I can do it and I will. It's a real boost to see the work of others that I admire....helps me to drive myself to get better.

I feel very blessed and look forward to the opening reception tomorrow night. Boy am I going to be one tired puppy this week with all the trips up to Denver. It's worth it though......


Karen said...

Congratulations on your entries!! Sit back and enjoy that for a moment!

I agree that it's so helpful to see others' work...it does keep us moving the bar higher and higher for ourselves. Sometimes though I think there is this little voice of self doubt that accompanies the admiration of and motivation by others(that, are you sure you'll ever be able to do that? voice).
What do you do? I wallow in it a bit sometimes, a little self-pity, and then turn it off and go paint anyway. I think we have to.

Anyway I'm glad to read that you WILL keep growing.

The GAF work is indeed beautiful, and, your beautiful work is your beautiful work. Keep going!

Kathleen, a Glass Artist said...

Thanks Karen.

Yes, you are so right. There is that little voice of self doubt. And I find myself wallowing in the angst of a little pity party. Argh!

Your encouragement and that from other friends definitely helps to overcome it. I am very determined and I will continue to improve.

Although it's always wonderful to hear supportive words of encouragement from artists like yourself. Thanks.

Susanne said...

Congratulations on getting all your entries accepted. What a great achievement!