Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Facetted Dichroic Pendants

I'm posting a couple of pictures of the pendants that I created in the Kent Lauer class this past Sunday at D & L Stained Glass. Kent was an angel and corrected my initial efforts at shaping these. I think of them as his work and I could never part with them. My goal will be to create more, once I can afford to purchase the machinery necessary to create them. I find them to be absolutely stunning.

The process involves two layers of 1/4" think clear glass with dichroic glass sandwiched between them. The three layers are glued together, using a UV glue. Then the square is shaped, beveled if you will, to allow the beauty of the dichroic glass shine through the prisms created in the beveling process.

These two will be wire wrapped and I will post pictures when they are finished. That may be in another week or two due to my current schedule of events. Enjoy!

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