Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Basset Supervision

I jokingly refer to "Basset Supervision" during my work. Here are some photos of the adorable threesome. One of them, sometimes all three, are with me as I work on my glass pieces. When I am cutting large sheets of glass, they are banned from the studio for safety reasons. Any other time, they are welcome company. Newton is the pup...all of 2 years old and the photo of his is just the face shot. Nocturne is fondly referred to as Little Miss. She's the one that is sleeping on the pillows with her tongue out (now that's relaxed!). And Bueller (named after the movie....once we heard Ben Stein's delivery of that name, we knew it would be perfect for a basset name) is sleeping on blankets I have in the studio. Bueller is the most confident dog that Dan & I have ever had.

So these are my basset supervisors. While they may try to claim artistic control of my work, that wouldn't be right. However, they are loyal companions and great snuggle bunnies.

I thought it would be fun to share pictures of the three hounds in my life. I have done some basset tribute windows (in stained glass) for some of the folks responsible for allowing us to have these wonderful dogs in our life, which you can find on the gallery of my website, Kathleen Krucoff Studio. Enjoy! Notice two out of the three are sleeping....something they do very well.

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