Thursday, September 25, 2008

Glass at the Gardens - Opening Reception

What a great evening!

Dan & I got there early and had a chance to walk around looking at all the beautiful art glass. Incredible. When we got to the display case where my jewelry was, to my surprise and delight, the Floral Talisman (pictured in this post) had sold! What a way to start the evening. This is the first time any of my work has sold at the Glass Artists Fellowship.... Glass at the Gardens Show.

The next pleasant surprise was seeing Riva Sweetrocket. Riva is a friend and very talented contemporary pastel artist in Denver, represented by Plus+Gallery. Riva has wanted to see my work and Dan & I had a chance to walk around the show pointing out my pieces. She plans on bringing her husband, Rohan, to see the exhibit this weekend. How cool. And she wants to see more of my work, so the next time she & Rohan are in the Springs, they will stop by the house.

Then Kent Lauer arrived after a day of teaching his Dichroic Sculpture class at D and L. I was able to show Kent my entries in the show and I am very flattered by his kind words and opinion of what I had done. Thanks for your encouragement Kent!

I also had a chance to visit with some of the folks from D & L Stained Glass Supply. They had their display on this history of glass at the show. Really interesting.

It was a great evening. Dan & I had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the air conditioning must have been off as it was rather toasty. However, that didn't dampen the creative atmosphere in the room. It has been a wonderful week for me. Now I have all these new ideas swirling in my head for my next projects. Can't wait to start them.....

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