Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hues of Nature, post-fuse

Here is 'Hues of Nature' fused. I am very happy with the results. Some of the glass strips that I used have a lot of depth, so the lines did not turn out completely straight. Considering that this is something earthy and organic, I think it is a great initial result.

I have some coldworking to do. Then I'll decide if I want to do a fire polish before the slump into the bowl form.

Right now, I just couldn't be happier with how this has turned out.


Hearttohearts said...

wow that looks realy great! Can't wait to see the finished product

it might be intersting to do a whol bowl like that with all the lines wavy too, I like how the wavy part looks

Kathleen, a Glass Artist said...

Thanks! I'm looking forward to creating more of these, so I can see one with wavy lines...especially when I get 'brave enough' to comb the hot glass. Now that will be interesting. I've only done that in Patty Gray's class, but I will be doing that this year as I continue to experiment.

Hearttohearts said...

oh I bet combing the hot glass would give some amazing results

Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

Love the colors in this Kathleen! Definitely nature.

I agree that combing this type of pattern to produce wavy lines would be really interesting. Kind of like marbling on fabric or paper, I guess, which gives such cool results.

Karen said...

I like the wavy quality of some of the lines...they're almost watery...a really cool contrast to the horizontals.

Kathleen, a Glass Artist said...

Thank you all!

Some of the Bullseye glass that I used had a textured surface, rather than a flat, smooth surface. This resulted in the waves, which I feel really contribute to the organic nature in this piece.