Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Work - Hues Of Nature

Over the weekend, as I was waiting for the blue bowl to finish its firing schedule, I started on a new project. I wanted to do something that was more random in pattern that the blue bowl, and this is my latest design. It evolved as I was building it and I wanted to show my progression to this point in its journey.

Tonight, this is in the kiln, firing to a full fuse. I am anxious to see if I did enough to eliminate some of the glass icicles; if not, I know how to fix them.

A week or so ago, I started to play with glass color combinations and kept coming back to this trio. These are the sheets that I cut into strips to use in the construction. As I started, I realized that I had another sheet that would work well as it had a nice white/green combination. All of these are from Bulleye Glass. The final choices were a nice streakie amber, my favorite marzipan, a green streakie, and another green/white/orange streakie.

Here is my initial pile of 1/2" strips. The recent addition of the green with white is in the upper left corner of this picture.

I put my design together, by starting in the center of my 10 3/8" steel ring, which will act as a dam to maintain the 1/2" depth of this piece.

As I got going, I thought it would add interest to use the marzipan and amber pieces in a perpendicular position to the long lines created by the glass strips. I varied the number of each of the amber and marzipan strips used for each of those opposing sections.

Last night I completed the work, finishing up with a square of the marzipan and amber in the upper right corner.

I debated about using stringers as I had in the blue bowl, but in the end, I felt this one should stand on its own with a clean, simple line. I'll find out if I'm happy with the result tomorrow when the fusing is complete. The nice thing is I can always add to this if I want to mix it up more. Right now, I think I'll like the simplicity of the lines.

The randomness of the colors reminds me of Hues of Nature, which I think is what I will call this piece.


Hearttohearts said...

wow, what a great color cobo! I love seeing the different stages of your work

Kathleen, a Glass Artist said...


I'm enjoying capturing the work in progress too. Helps me keep track of what I've done.


Karen said...

Hues of Nature is perfect. This one has such a, I don't know the right word, stately, solid, timeless (?) feel to it. i.e. not whimsically beautiful but seriously beautiful...like nature itself. :)

Kathleen, a Glass Artist said...

Wow. Thanks Karen! You are too kind.

I didn't have a chance to take a picture of it after the fusing process. It came out of the kiln last night and I just love how this one looks. I'll try to get a picture posted this evening.