Monday, February 9, 2009

Blue Bowl - Progress

These are pictures I took in the various stages of the finish work I'm doing for the blue bowl. I'm still working on it, but thought I would post some of what I've completed so far.

The first picture shows the glass 'icicles' that formed during the fusing process. I used a steel ring to act as a dam so the glass would remain at its depth of 3/8". Glass is like water, it likes to seek it's level and when fusing..... glass wants to find a thickness of 1/4", so when I want to make a piece thicker, I have to use a dam to contain/stop it from spreading. All these glass peaks are pretty sharp and nasty....they needed to be ground off before I could start using the wet belt sander to finish the edge. I used my trusty Glastar grinder and eliminated all of them. The glass peaks could tear up a sander belt and eliminating them makes it much safer to handle the piece too!

Next I used a circle template, 10" in diameter. I placed the template underneath the glass and using my light table, I can see the circle I want to have for my finished piece. There are yellow arrows pointing to the black line I drew with the aid of the template. I used a Sharpie and covered the line with paste wax so it would stay intact while I used my glass saw to cut the circle shape.

This is me with my kevlar glove, using my Taurus III ring saw to cut the finished circle shape. Love my saw. I really enjoy the benefits of all the tools I use to create glass work.

This is the completed circle after the saw work was done.

And below is the edge left after cutting the circle. Now I am in the process of using my wet belt sander to create a nice mat finish, which will eliminate the whitish film on the edge that you see in this photo. I don't have a high end coldworking machine yet, but I will get the job done. And I will probably do a fire polish on this piece when I'm done with the coldworking so it will have a nice, reflective sheen. If I had the more advanced machine, I would be able to polish the surface without needing a fire polish.

So, I reached a point tonight where I was starting to make mistakes and I knew it was time to quit. I think I'm still tired from all the things I did this weekend, along with a full day at the regular office job. Once I'm done with the coldworking phase, I'll report back and post another picture.

Happy creating everyone!


Alan said...

Really pretty work. I find that if I stack the glass higher in the center, the glass flows to the edges and no icicles!! Saves so much cold work later. All the best.


Kathleen, a Glass Artist said...

Thanks Alan! Appreciate the feedback. I will try that on my next attempt.

Karen said...

Really fascinating process. It's like opening up little 'doors' for me.
I always know it's time to stop when I start making mistakes and bad/easy decisions too (although probably less dangerous with a paintbrush than a saw!). Look forward to the next phase!

Kathleen, a Glass Artist said...

Thanks Karen. Glad you are enjoying this. I am too.

Funny you mentioned bad/easy decisions...I felt like I was doing a little of that too and knew I needed to just walk away and take a break.

This next part is taking me a while, but it should be worth the effort.