Saturday, February 21, 2009

Etsy Celebrations and Glamour Showcase Today

Today, I'm in one of Etsy's Showcases. This one is called Celebrations and Glamour. I took this screen shot this morning where I'm featuring one of my larger wire wrapped pendants, "My Lady". Throughout the day, I will probably change out which pendent will be my main item, but I thought I would start out with this one to keep with the theme. There's LOTS of gorgeous stuff in this showcase today, so I think it's well worth a look.

I decided it was time to purchase a couple of these time slots in Etsy and see what happens. I've been reading their blogs and feature articles about Etsy success stories and it seems that these showcases help promote your business. So I'm going to continue to try this approach for a while and see what happens. Wish me luck! :)


SCJ Jewelry Design said...

Good luck today! I have purchased 4 slots in showcases to date and it has resulted in 3 sales. It's more than paid for itself.
I'm loving your Hues of Nature as it progresses- the colors are wonderful; I can't wait to see the finished bowl!

Kathleen, a Glass Artist said...

Thanks! No sales yet, but the numbers are up on views for my items.

I'll get back to working on the bowls this week and hopefully they will be finished in a week or so. I'll definitely post pictures of the finished bowls. Glad you like Hues of Nature.