Sunday, February 1, 2009

Report on Esty Valentine Showcase

I took this screen shot of my Butterfly Heart and listing on yesterday's Valentine Showcase on Etsy.

Unfortunately, no sales were generated from this attempt to be noticed on Etsy. I know it's tough, especially in the jewelry section, because there are so many talented people with great items. I didn't even notice that the number of views for any one item picked up that much either.

I do think I will try something like this again, just to see what happens. I'm not ready to rule this out as an avenue to generate sales on Etsy yet.

One good thing to report is another Etsy artist, Dawn E Bryant, put one of my hearts in her Treasury. I'm still learning my way around Etsy. From what I can tell, there are 333 Treasury selections that will be rotated on Etsy's main page. Great way to get noticed, especially when another 'Etsian' puts you on their list of Treasury favorites.

I've put links to Dawn's store and her treasury in the previous paragraph. Please click on these links and check them out, it's my way of returning the favor to Dawn. Thanks.

Off to the glass room to continue work on the piece I started yesterday. Ideas are flowing again. Gotta love that! Took me a while to get started on what I wanted to do, did a few drawings, searched for the right glass. Now the color combinations and ideas are flowing...gotta strike while the iron is hot!!! Happy creating everyone!


avagdro said...

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Varun Gupta said...

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Kathleen, a Glass Artist said...

My thanks to both of you for your comments.