Sunday, March 8, 2009

I'm Having a Blast with Treasuries!

I think I'm getting the hang of creating these Treasuries on Etsy! It's a lot of fun because I can create themes that I like. Being a glass artist, I figured it was time to place some attention on a few of the wonderfully talented glass artists I've found on Etsy. Unfortunately, they only give us 12 slots for the selections, but I have LOTs more I would love to feature.

So, this is my latest Etsy Treasury selection, "Simply Mad About Glass!!!"

If you have a chance to visit this treasury, I hope you like these artists as much as I do and take a minute to check out their work.



smellyrhinostudio said...

I guess I need to follow you around and figure out how to get a treasury!!! I don't seem to have that much patience!

Hearttohearts said...

that is some beautiful glass. I especialy like the sushi set, the colors in it are beautiful.

LSaeta said...

Good for you! Thanks for the intro to even more great artists!

Karen said...

oooo those are wonderful! Thanks for sharing that!