Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Emerges

With all the snow we have had in the past 24 hours, my former case of spring fever has been drenched in all the snow drifts surrounding the house. However, I have my trusty glass creations to keep the spirit of spring alive!

Here is a pair of earrings that remind me of spring. I call them "Spring Emerges" and I have a couple of pendants that match them. One is an exact match, the other I called Spring Flowers, An Amulet. The amulet has a little more contrast to it with French Vanilla on top of the Mineral Green...I really like its distinctive shape.

I used Bullseye's Mineral Green as the backdrop and I'm quite taken with this very soft, subtle shade of green. It is on my shopping list for when I head to Denver on Monday to pick up my new machine at D & L.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Karen said...

oooo these are getting better and better! I love the shape of these's a little different, that roundness. Are they round all the way around back or are they flat on back?
SO are you liking the earrings more? :)

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Hi Karen!

Thanks! The glass is flat on the back but they look like little mounds or glass globs. I was really happy when they came out of the kiln with that roundness.

I'm starting to enjoy earrings more as now I'm getting to more of 'me' in them. Experimenting with the wire and how it wraps around the glass to keep them in place. It's harder on the smaller pieces. I have another pair I will post and the wrap is something I will repeat. You'll have to let me know what you think when I post the picture of them.

Shay Stone said...

Looking great Kathleen! I love the long odd shape of the single wrap. I also enjoy how much the green set reminds me of malachite. Nice:)

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Thanks so much Shay. Given your skill with wire, I am humbled by your kind words.

Sharmon Davidson said...

Kathleen, I absolutely LOVe "Spring Flowers". the metallic part in the middle really captures the eye.