Sunday, March 15, 2009

Turquoise Glass Earrings

These are the earrings I worked on this weekend.

When I first start working on earrings, I feel I always need to tweak my process and I'm pretty picky about how they turn out. That being said, this pair will not be for sale as I'm not as happy with the end result. They are just ok, in my opinion and I need to build on making the next pairs better. I wanted to share a picture of these as some of you have been asking to see me do earrings.

I find the hard thing about using glass in earrings is symmetry. Symmetry in glass size, color, wire wrap. These didn't turn out as a mirror image of each other, my error. I've seen earrings that were manufactured this way, but generally I believe people want them to be mirror images of each other. So I will continue to work on my process and once I'm really happy with the results, then I'll start making them available for sale. It just takes practice.

I imagine we all have things that we do artistically that we aren't as fond of doing...right now making earrings falls into that category for me. Once I reach a level where I'm happy with my earring work, I'll enjoy making them.


Karen said...

I completely understand about not being satisfied with stuff, that it's not up to our standards. But I was really excited to see that you posted these!
I for one would not even think twice about not having them be mirror images of each other. I kind of like pairs like this, that have an organic feel to them, like flowers or plants aren't exactly the same. Just a thought...maybe try making a pair that doesn't even aim for perfect symmetry?

In any case, I think they're quite beautiful!

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Karen - Your friendship and encouragement are such a gift. Thank you.

I like your thought and I'm really trying to step outside of the zone on what I do with earrings. I have another pair in the works and right now I'm happier with this design. Hope to post that soon. said...

I'm one of those that don't think both sides have to be exactly the same..
great blog
mona & the girls

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Thanks Mona & the girls. Appreciate your feedback a lot. I'm very happy you enjoy my blog. :)