Sunday, March 8, 2009

Stringers with a Twist

I can't seem to resist making stringers. I had a beautiful, variegated blue that was from a previous failed vase attempt...I think....anyway, I love this color shading and thought it would be great for some abstract work with other stringers I've made. I also added a blue cab to the glass mixture that I just didn't like the size and end result, so I knew I wouldn't wire wrap it. And finally I included the 'shavings' from Neptune (formerly the blue bowl). It's wonderful to know these things can be recycled.

I did this batch yesterday and some of the results are pictured here. Yep, all from the same firing. I keep trying the twisting technique to achieve some of the spiral patterns you see here. Sometimes I just pull the strings and add a curl to the end. I found these very interesting and I'm thinking about a grouping like this as a design for a bowl or plate. What do you think?

And thanks to everyone for the wonderful feedback on my previous post about the Twilight pendant and the cause. My friend was very pleased and the folks at Taylor Elementary will be having the silent auction on April 3. I'll post about how the auction went after the 3rd.

Clearly, earrings are popular and I promise I will do my best to add these back into my body of work. You'll see them here first. Thanks for all the interest!

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