Sunday, March 1, 2009

Websites Updated

It's been another busy weekend. I guess I just need to accept the fact that when you work at a full time, day job, the weekends will ALWAYS be busy.

I've started coldworking the Hues of Nature bowl. Nothing significant to report at this time, except that I continue to be happy with its progress.

I started a new project today, this one is an abstract of three columbines. It's provided a few challenges and I started to take pictures of the progress. I will post these as I have the build stage finished and it's ready to go in the kiln.

Ok, I'm just a glass addict! But that's a good thing right? Today I couldn't resist doing another batch of stringers. This time, a taupe color, from a previously failed attempt at fusing something. So, I had a lot of fun shaping the molten glass strings as they flowed from my little kiln. Nice diversion.

And throughout the course of this weekend, I've been updating my personal website and our joint studio website. This can be an never ending task, but I'm happy with the updates to the jewelry, stained glass, and kilnwork galleries. If you feel like it, please check them out and give me any feedback. I trust my artist friends.

Thank you all. Make it a wonderful week of creativity!!!


Karen said...

I'm so impressed that you work full time and get so much done. I think I need to attend an efficiency workshop, never mind any painting workshops!
The website looks great...clear, concise, easy to navigate, no fluff or annoying doo-dads on it. It's set-up and design is right on for your work. One question I had was why is there only a small portion of the work in the "purchase" section? Are the other works not for sale?

Kathleen, a Glass Artist said...

Thank you Karen...really appreciate your feedback.

To answer your question about the purchase section, not everything in the galleries is for sale. Some items are going into shows or the gallery in Monument.

The purchase section was one of my last areas I need to 'clean up' and revise. The dilemma I'm having right now is building my portfolio with the fused glass items and then deciding which I will offer for purchase via the website.

I've been thinking I can put some items that I can 're-create' in there (e.g. a similar item can be ordered, turn around time 2 - 3 weeks), so there would be a better selection in the purchase area. Do you think that would be a good thing?

Thanks for commenting on this, I will be working on that. :)