Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More Stringers

I worked on another batch of stringers Sunday afternoon. These are a few that I find very interesting and they have given me an idea for another bowl. Variations were created by mixing different colors of glass, twisting the glass 'strings' while they were still molten (I wear protective gloves), and for some just pulling them with no twists to see what color is present when left alone.

This group was a mixture of clear, navy transparent, and marzipan. All Bullseye glass, of course!


Sharmon Davidson said...

Kathleen, I really like the stringers. Not knowing anything about working in glass, this may be totally impossible- have you thought of maybe making something out of just the stringers? Like uh..I don't know- a mobile, or something? I just picture them hanging in front of a window, moving.

Kathleen Krucoff, a Glass Artist said...

That's a great idea Sharmon. I'd have to figure out the logistics of attaching a line or something for them to hang from. I've seen glass wind chimes before, a mobile would be very pretty. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll see if I can figure anything out.