Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Almost There

I normally don't sketch my wire wraps. However, I've been having some trouble for the Asp-Zen jewelry piece (part of my Aspen Grove Series).

I deliberately made a shape that I normally don't work with, so it would stand out and be unique. Course, that poses a problem in how to wire wrap it. Sunday, my initial wrap for this failed and just looked like a jumbled mess.

Happy to report that last night's work on a new wrap for this piece started to take shape. And part of the reason for this impending success, I think, was I did a small sketch yesterday. While the almost finished work doesn't look anything like my sketch, it generated enough thought for me to come up with what I created last night. Finishing touches need to happen and I plan on posting a picture of the completed piece. It will be the third of the three entries I'm allowed for the Estes Park show. Now I hope these pieces will pass the jury process and become part of that event in September.

I'm almost there....................

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