Thursday, July 24, 2008

Glass Artist to the Rescue!

Well, the title of this post is admittedly more than a little tongue and check.

Yesterday afternoon, after I got home from my day job, there was a message from the gallery. They needed another small pendant, as a very petite woman bought my only small pendant and she wanted another. The 'urgency' was that she would be leaving the area on Thursday and I needed to get another to the gallery by today.

So with tools and wire in hand, I spent about an hour or so, wrapping two more small pendants. My wonderful husband took photos of the finished work (a must for my records) and with a fresh inventory list in hand, and our youngest basset as my side kick, we headed to the gallery. They were very pleased with my quick response and I can only hope that this ever so petite woman returned to purchase one of the two I took there.

Although this was the first request for one of my smaller pendants....most are larger, it was suggested that I have a few more small ones in the gallery. So I have been wrapping some more of my smaller pieces and will have them there in another day or two.

So, given my quirky sense of humor, I felt like I was a Glass Artist to the Rescue last night..... Great fun!

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