Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Amazing What a Little Determination Will Do

Last night I entered my studio, thoughts bouncing around inside of my head. Where to start? What theme to work on? My thoughts were too chaotic and scattered. I knew it wasn't a good time to start on anything, so I walked out, closed the door, and had a small glass of wine (Funky Llama Merlot), watched a little TV, and had dinner. After that, I re-entered the studio and everything started to flow! Yeah!

First I cut the glass for color variation for the Asp-Zen plate. This time with my favorite, Adventurine Green background. The aspen leaves and 'trunk' were a yellow and orange combination; I thought a great compliment to the green. The orange I discovered lurking in my fusible glass stash had a nice variation of yellow and orange mixed together. Can't wait to see how that looks after it's fused.

Satisfied with that, I moved on to another variation for The Little Tree Collection. Again, using that beautiful green glass as the base. Tonight I can fuse the Asp-Zen plate, and I will work on another plate that will be part of the Little Tree Collection.

I know what I want to do next for a vase too, so I think I'll have time to get that one ready.

Right now I'm doing the preliminary work for the fusing process and I can move on to the slumping phase over the weekends when I have the time to monitor the fall of the glass while slumping. I've very excited about this creative direction and the energy that is coming with it.

It's just amazing what a little determination will do to jump start things.........

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