Saturday, July 5, 2008

Creating out of Chaos/Clutter

This is my ongoing battle. I have a studio, that I designed, and yet I struggle to find the right place for things and maintain order once things are organized. So I create in a space that is cluttered and I feel a sense of chaos.

Last night I decided I would tackle this space again and started to clean and organize. My work sits and waits to be completed during this de-cluttering process. Yet I feel this is a necessary step to further unleash my ability to create things of beauty without the frustration and time killing process of looking for the right tool or wire or piece of glass.

Ultimately, it's an ongoing process that I will have to keep up with or just learn to live with.

This afternoon I have a diversion as I will be at the gallery for their Art, Wine, and Music series. I'm looking forward to this!

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