Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Little Tree Collection

Where do I start to describe this one? Hmmmm.

It seems like my creative juices are flowing these days and the more I work on, the more ideas pop into my head. Thus the origin of "The Little Tree Collection".

An idea came to me within the last 2 weeks to create a fused plate with a tree and maybe some leaves. I wasn't sure how I was going to approach this. Then, I started to look at the molds I have and I love the way a small sushi dish looks. It's about 5" square and when slumped the ends turn up. So I started looking through my glass and found this subtle shade, called Marizpan from Bullseye. That became the backdrop. Next I took some 1mm rods in black and bronze and combined them to form the 'trunk'. I took my favorite green, Adventurine, from Bullseye of course, and started to draw these little leaves. As I place them on either side of the trunk, my "Little Tree Collection" was born. I have three more ready for firing, each with slightly different color combinations. This one is called "Three Leaves". I'm following my husband's lead on naming work, stating the obvious. :)

I've been reading so much related to art these days and meeting other artists like Riva Sweetrocket and Kathy Beekman, hearing them talk about creating a theme based series. I thought I should start a series in my work. And now that's evolving for me.

I don't know how long The Little Tree Collection will be produced. Course it's going to be important to see if the public actually likes it. I think they are adorable and I hope others will too. I'm already thinking about what my next theme will be and I'm envisioning something mountain related. Time will tell.

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