Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ideas bouncing around inside my head

There are several shows coming up in the next few months. Glass At the Gardens in Denver, and another one in Estes Park. Both of these take place in September. While I have some things ready to go in a show, I still want to create some new things.

The Glass at the Gardens show is important to me because this is the last year it will be held at the Botanical Gardens. They are remodeling and our Glass Artist Fellowship will have to find a new venue for the show next year. The theme is Ancient Origins and the ideas that have been bouncing around in my head are related to our visit to Chaco Canyon in 2001. My husband, Dan, has some excellent photos from that trip which will probably become my foundation for what I create. I'd like to incorporate an artifact from that period, like a pitcher or bowl, into whatever I do. I have some ideas for a stained glass window, but I need to get that started as stained glass takes time. A fused piece could be put together faster and I may do something there too. We can submit up to 5 pieces of work and my pattern has been to include stained glass, fused glass, and wire wrapped fused glass in shows. I'm thinking about a really cool pendant that would look like an artifact from a site dig for Chaco or even Egypt.

Then the show in Estes park would be another great venue for exposure to the public. I enjoy creating Aspen related things and could come up with another series with Aspen leaves. Plus, Estes is such a good tourist site that in the fall, with various works on display, it's an excellent opportunity for people to see my work. This morning Dan told me he was going to enter his photographs in this show, so my mind is really churning with ideas. I love it when both of us are in the same show.

All of this, coupled with keeping a good inventory on hand for my gallery representation. It could be an exciting and hectic couple of months.

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