Monday, July 21, 2008

Basset Supervision

I jokingly think my work is done under the careful, or not so careful observation, of 'Basset Supervision'. My husband and I share our home with three delightful bassets. Generally, at least one of them is in my studio while I work. They are great companions.

This weekend, I had my successes and failures. We hopefully learn from those failures.

I did have some great wire wraps. But toward the end of the evening yesterday, I had two successive failures on pieces I was hoping to enter in the Estes Park show. After the second one, I decided it was time to put down the tools, put the wire away, and back away from the work table. I have found when things stop working correctly, it's time to just stop as continuing will not lead to success.

And while I do very well at keeping track of my firing schedules for my kiln work, I had another failure with the drop ring vase slump. From a previous failed slump, I thought I had a solution in place, but yesterday's firing proved I was wrong. Back to square one. I can fuse plates and bowls with consistent results. Now I need to reclaim the success I had in the past... I know I will. Thank goodness for the new screen melt process that will let me 'recycle' those failures and create something beautiful from them.

It's all good. I've learned you can't show the glass any fear. And I have the added advantage of 'Basset Supervision'..............

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MarilynM said...

I too get some "supervision" in my studio, from my parakeets!. They watch me from their cage, next to the window (the best view in the whole house, by the way)I think its very relaxing having your companions there with you, specially when things aren't going as well as one hoped (a good tail-wagging is the best cure for everything).

Thanks for your words of support, its always good to know we're not alone in this, and you know what? I went for a swim yesterday, and I'm already feeling more up to working now. So, I might be coming out of my "creative desert".