Friday, July 18, 2008

Food for an Artist's Soul

I have to report on last night's Art Hop. It was wonderful! My husband and I continue to marvel at the number of people who attend and truly embrace the variety and quality of art available in this area.

It's wonderful to be introduced to people interested in your work, your creative process. And these folks are genuinely interested. A woman bought one of my jewelry pieces last night and wanted to meet me. She asked how I made my pieces and was thrilled to have one. I was touched.

Another person approached me, asking about another piece. I'm humbled by her comments about my creativity. I have found most artists I know are always striving to improve their work and I certainly am one of them. Battling with those terrible self-doubts.... is it good enough? will anyone else like this? etc. Then to receive the positive reinforcement from the public, you know, people you have never met. They admire your work, what you do, and giving the ultimate affirmation of buying something you created. The added bonus is being approached by those people and wanting to discuss your work with you.

Now THAT's food for an artist's soul...............

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